My First train journey


I came back from Primark shop with dad and I found out that my school trip to Adrenaline alley was cancelled. It was a skating park and I desperately wanted to go. I was so sad but then I remembered that IT WAS MY COUSINS WEDDING!  I felt relieved. I told my mum if we could go but she said who will take us? We thought long and hard but then an idea clicked in her head and mum said we could take the train. Immediately after that my dad bought the train tickets and we were all set to go. We left young brother Ilyas and my sister Ebyan at our neighbour’s house. We went to the train station. 

We took a glass elevator and my mum was really scared. After we reached the second floor, we went to the receptionist to take the tickets for me and my mum to come back. After we did that, me and Mika (my younger brother) realised how high up we were, (because of the glass walls which was how we saw everything) and we saw the beautiful view on the trees. It was really scary and Mika tried leaning on the glass walls which was really dangerous. I kept telling him stop and he finally did

I was really scared but my mum said stop being a scared cat. We took the tickets and Mika thought he was coming too. We told him no. He looked at us with sadness in his eyes, which did make me feel bad, but me and my mum left anyway. Straight after my brother and my dad left we took the left turn and went down stairs on train 5A platform. At 4:16 we were waiting and at 4:30 the doors opened and we got on the train.

The trip took about 1 hour and 10 minutes. There weren’t many people on the train and it felt a bit empty. At first we were going backwards and I hated it so I begged my mum to move and she said fine. We went to another seat that had a table. It was luxurious! It felt like a dream while I was drinking my orange x-plosadedrink( it wasn’t really mine, I just stole it from my dad). I thought I was fine to drink as much as I like but that’s when my mum told me the toilets were really smelly and disgusting. I decided not to drink as much after that. We went past a place called Wolverhampton and the sight from there was really pretty. There were cottages and lots of animals and looked in awe. Every time the train stopped my mum thought it was time to get off and was staring at the screen half of the time. I laughed and kept telling her not yet. While waiting, I watched YouTube with my mum while watching funny Chinese pranks. It was really funny when there were tunnels because my mum thought it was night and would be really scared. At last, at 5:30 the train stopped and at 5:44 we got off.

The station at Birmingham was really big and it felt like an airport. Thankfully, we found our way through. To exit the doors you need to scan your tickets. Every time I tried to scan the tickets, I would miss the QR code and would try to get through, only to see that the doors would close on me every time, my mum would laugh and I would look terrified of the doors. Finally, we gave the security guards our tickets and we went through. Not going to lie but the security guard looked hilarious because he was bald and was wearing scuba diving glasses. 

We took the left turn and took left again. After that we got to Birmingham new street train exit and waited for our Uber. The first one we got started with LK number plate but ran off for some reason. He was a white guy with brown hair and glasses. My mum said he was brainless and was mad. Then my dad booked another UberMK number plate but this time it was a Somali man. He was bald and looked my uncle that knew Chinese and Japanese. We got into his car and oh boy it was really high tech. I looked at it in awe and was really shocked. It wasn’t a really long journey before we got to my aunt Sadia’shouse.

At last we got there and my mum knocked on the door and my cousin Maryam thought it was a guest and even prepared ice cream and pasta. I loved the strawberry ice cream and ate all up even though I was sick. After that my mum was choosing her dirac but found none nice even though they were all beautiful. At last she picked a navy blue and gold skirt and a colourful diracwith a light blue garbasaar. After that, Maryambooked another Uber for us. Another Muslim guy took me, my mum, Aliya and hafsa to Saffiya’shouse. 

We were getting ready to go to the wedding and Hafsa putting on her makeup and also put some lipstick on me. Saffiya also brushed my hair and I looked amazing. My mum also took some photos of the makeup Saffiya had. After we got ready, we got in the car and started to drive. Wedding here we come! We put on some Somali music and Hafsa and Aliya were singing and dancing with the music while I was confused and looked at them blankly. My mum took tons of videos on her Iphone12 pro max. It was a fun ride until the music stopped. Then all we heard was me chewing gum which was gross. But then we put the music back on and we had a fun time until we got there.

At last, we got there and it was really big. There was a grand entrance with a mini waterfall covered with a sheet of glass. Sitting on top of a glass stand there was also a glass plate which had Selma and Abdirahman’s wedding 17 July on it. It was complete with flowers and a heart. Before we left the wedding we took some pictures there with Selma (my cousin) and my mum.

We entered the grand hall. It looked spectacular! There were huge chandeliers dangling from the paper white ceilings. The doors stood tall and proud, carefully decorated with gold. I stepped in and it felt like I was in a dream! The tables were decorated with flowers which had clear glass vases sitting beneath the beautiful flowers. We took our seat and I sat in the middle of Hafsaand Aliyah. After that two women dressed in black came with our food. I looked at them in confusion, because they were so fast holding the huge plates. I thought they secretly stuck tape on the plates to connect their hands and put wheels on their shoes. Who knows, maybe they did. It didn’t matter too much though

Nevertheless, the food was delicious. The sambosa were so yummy I felt like I was flying. I was so deep in thought that everyone went on the first floor and I was the only one still eating. But thankfully, Hafsa came to get me. There were so many people that it looked like a sea of animals. It was hard to get through but I managed to get to the third row. We saw the bride and her bridesmaids first outfits. They were orange and green and looked like a mermaid dress, and the bride also had a sash. After the bride went back in her room, we all went back to our table, only to see that some old ladies took and ate all our food!

We all stared in shock and they told me to sit down which I was uncomfortable with. Soon after my mum sat with them and ate, me, Hafsa and Aliyah ran away and went to explore. We saw this balcony type of thing which looked beautiful. It had a table on it, which were crystal clear white, tied with pink satin bows. We didn’t sit on that table though. We looked at the view and straight after the bride came again.

She was sitting on gold chairs which were white and had gold decorations matching with the doors. After that, the bride and her mother danced together with the bridesmaids. This time they were wearing the same but with fans. After the bride left, everyone was singing and dancing and I sat down to rest with my mum. We found Selma and aunt Sadia at that time. That’s when the bride came with her wedding dress. It was beautiful. Her hair was curled and her wedding dress was like a ball gown. It was so puffy, sparkly and really white. Everyone in the hall was singing and then the groom came in. He looked so worried and confused and looked like he was in a rush. Despite that he danced with his wife and they gracefully walked out the wedding hall.

Everyone was given lighters and they were all sparkling as they went into their car. After that, we went back into the place where we entered from and took some photos with Selma and my mum. We stayed there a bit too long though, and Saffia and the others were about to leave. We found the car and got ready to go back to auntie Sadia’s house.

Bahja I A Shire



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